Wednesday, July 11, 2012

For fuck's sake, drop it.

This shit's getting old. I'm tired of seeing posts from all sides on the gay rights issue. No, you're not the same as the civil rights movement. No, your religion doesn't need to interfere in these people's lives. No, you don't have the right to a gay marriage. This is because marriage by itself, has absolutely zero legal bearing. The part you should really be pressing for is civil union. Both sides are getting it today, this is stupid.

People on the right. Stop. I don't fucking care what your opinions of ass pirates, rump rangers, carpet lickers, beaver eaters and whatever other fucking term you can come up with are. They're going to keep doing it whether or not you rant and whine or not. Matter of fact, if  you do your fucking history, you'd fucking know it's been around a lot longer and the issue has had many different views on it throughout history. If you interpret it as a sin, then know that they're going to whatever view of hell you've got. Hope it's not Dante's though because his Divine Comedy was one big potshot at the Catholic Church. And yes, that's where a lot of our modern imagery is from. This country has enough problems without a hate filled diatribe about the evils of someone removing themselves from the genepool and keeping their property values up. I agree with you, they don't have a right to a gay marriage because the term marriage and most of what we associate with it is purely religious. The legal aspect is where I'll split with you. I don't fucking care.

People on the left. Stop making a big deal of this shit, you're making a touchy situation worse. Matter of fact, every time I see something from the Folsom Street Fair or other similar events, I can almost understand WHY the right has it's views on this subject. It's lewd. It doesn't matter that they're gay or not, exposing people, in particular children to some of the stuff I've seen? No, fuck you. Stop antagonizing, it's not helping and this is coming from a guy that intentionally antagonizes because I dislike stupidity. You want to make a fucking difference? Stop acting like that moron that doesn't want to be identified by gender and start doing things like what my friend's moms did. They were very down to earth, quiet and did the best they could, just like the rest of us. I never saw them doing crazy shit, I never saw them wearing anything even remotely kinky or 'gay'. And for that I'm thankful, I'm fairly confident at least one of them had more testosterone in her than any three of my friends combined. (It's a joke, don't take it seriously.).

Both sides. You're fucking stupid. Stop. I'm above and beyond tired of seeing both sides that I've already broken my whole, "Hey I'll avoid religion even though I happily embrace the name Heretic".

TL;DR - If you're convinced it's a sin, sleep safe knowing they'll go to hell. If your kid ends up gay, maybe you should try to find out why instead of doing what my mother does to my step-sister. If you're gay, stop antagonizing and stop pushing the issue at every fucking chance. Whoopdie fucking doo man, you kissed your boyfriend in public. I'm impressed, no really man.

It's shit like this that makes me realize why I work Graves, prefer a hermetic lifestyle and in general suffer from a low tolerance for stupidity.